Seafishing as it should be

Whoppa in Loppa

Over 1000 halibut every year

You have fishing available all year. In winter especially March - May you have the big cod season. In this time of the year the cod comes to the fjords full of roe. This is the peak season for the local fishermen. The so-called skrei time. At this time of year, you must be aware that the weather can have harsh characteristics, windy, snow and cold and it can be a day or two in the port. But the fishing is fantastic.

If you prefer May to July you can expect stable weather and 24 hours of daylight. Still you can have monster cod, but now you will also be able to catch the «torpedo» of the sea, the coalfish. On a light spinning rod, you can not experience anything like it. these are regular caught at 15 kg. The catfish will hunt your legs in the boat, the redfish are waiting in the deep sea, and the halibut starts to come in amounts.

If you are among those who dream of wrestling the giant halibut, August and September are good months. A fight with one of these giants of the deep is the ultimate test of manhood.

Sandland is maybe the best halibut land in Norway. Nowhere else have there been caught more halibut than in this area. The Loppa plateau is the perfect place for halibut to feed. Halibut up to 30-40kg you can have all season in shallower water, but from August the really big ones are coming up from the deep sea. Perhaps you are lucky enough to test your sea fishing skills and have a fight against the beast «kveita».
For many of our guests, a visit to Sandland Brygge is their first meeting with the halibut. You can actually fish them in the harbor and out in the fjord all the year. The biggest so far is 92kg and we have a lot of halibut up to 60-70kg.

Regardless of when you choose to come here, you will get unforgettable fishing experiences and the very best hospitality. We like to see ourselves as very friendly and welcoming hosts who will do everything for you to have a memorable stay. We will always provide help and advice on equipment, fishing spots, etc. We are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience also from the local fishermen.

Sandland Brygge have a well stocked tackle shop so that extra lure or pirk you need is always available, unless you see the sign «gone fishing»

We have an onsite free bbq and a separate bbq house that holds 12 people in comfort, that you can hire to enjoy a relaxing evening with friends.