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Big Apartments

The apartments Anna and Farmand are both on 94kvm and are situated the 1st floor in Sandland Brygge. There is a private entrance to each apartment. The apartments are spacious and have everything you need for a pleasant stay. With three bedrooms there is space for up to 8 people. Large windows provide a great view of the breathtaking scenery. The apartments have a private terrace with seating for all residents.

The apartments are named after the local fishing boats that provided the jobs on the sea and on the fish farm.

Anna was built to the owner of the fish farm, as a pilot boat as early as 1902 and was originally a sailboat on 50 feet. It had regular trips to Tromsø with barrels of liver and came back with coal. It was also used for transporting of materials after the war.

Farmand was built on Sandland in 1934 and was 32 feet. The fish farm used this boat to ensure regular supply of raw materials.

The big Apartment is rented out with 2 Wildeboat 650XW